The Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled: Unlocking the Power of Manifestation

The Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled: Unlocking the Power of Manifestation

By Belle


In the world of manifestation and spirituality, the name Neville Goddard holds great significance. Neville Goddard, often referred to as one of the godfathers of manifestation, was a spiritual teacher who wrote extensively about the concept of living in the wish fulfilled. In this article, we will delve into the meaning of the feeling of the wish fulfilled and explore how it can be harnessed to manifest our desires. Through verbatim quotes from a podcast by Belle, we will gain insights into the state of being that accompanies the fulfillment of our wishes and the techniques that can help us embody this state.

The Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled: A State of Being

"The feeling of the wish fulfilled is not actually an emotion, it is a state of being."

When we engage in the process of manifestation, we understand that it is as simple as choosing our desired outcome and reality. However, the key lies in embodying the state of fulfillment associated with our desires. Whether it is manifesting wealth or love, we must already feel and believe that we possess what we desire. Neville Goddard emphasizes that our desires are a promise, and fulfillment is the other side of the same coin.

"The reason why some people struggle to manifest is because they only see the lack, the lack of not already having what they want."

Many individuals find it challenging to manifest their desires because they focus on the absence of what they want rather than embracing the feeling of already having it. By perceiving reality through the lens of lack, they perpetuate a cycle of wanting more instead of experiencing fulfillment. To truly manifest, we must shift our perspective and recognize that our desires are already a part of our lives.

Embodying the Feeling of Wish Fulfillment

"What does the feeling of wish fulfillment actually truly feel like? It should be calm, it should be certain."

When we embody the feeling of the wish fulfilled, it is characterized by a sense of calm and certainty. We should feel secure in the knowledge that our desires are already a part of our lives. There should be no desperation or longing, but rather an unwavering conviction that what we desire is already within us. This state of being is peaceful and detached, as we no longer question when or how our desires will manifest. We know that it is already done.

Techniques to Embrace the Feeling of Fulfillment

"One of the most popular techniques to help you get into the feeling of fulfillment is visualization."

Visualization is a powerful tool that allows us to imagine and feel the end result of our desires. Neville Goddard and other spiritual leaders emphasize the significance of imagination as the one true reality. By focusing our imagination and recreating the scenes we wish to experience within our minds, we can manifest them in our physical reality. Visualizing specific scenarios, such as receiving a phone call from a desired person or achieving a career milestone, helps us embody the feeling of wish fulfillment.

"Affirmations are amazing because whenever you invoke the words 'I am,' you become that version of yourself."

Affirmations play a crucial role in aligning ourselves with our desired reality. By using the words "I am," we tap into the energy of our future selves or higher selves. By repeatedly affirming our desired state, such as being promoted at work, we begin to embody that version of ourselves. The more we immerse ourselves in the feeling of fulfillment through affirmations, the more our physical reality aligns with our desires.

Fulfillment as Your Truth

"Fulfillment is your truth. No matter what, you are always fulfilled."

It is essential to recognize that fulfillment is our inherent truth. Even when we manifest the opposite of what we desire, we are still fulfilling the experience of lack or fear. By shifting our focus to what we already have and expressing gratitude for experiencing our desires, we attract those experiences into our lives more rapidly. By embracing the feeling of fulfillment, we align ourselves with the abundance that is already present.

Implications and Potential Impact

The concept of the feeling of the wish fulfilled has profound implications for our lives. By understanding that manifestation is not solely about external circumstances but rather a state of being, we gain the power to shape our reality. When we embody the feeling of fulfillment, we release the energy of desperation and lack, allowing our desires to flow effortlessly into our lives. This shift in perspective can lead to a profound transformation in our overall well-being and the manifestation of our dreams.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

In conclusion, the feeling of the wish fulfilled is a state of being that goes beyond mere emotions. It is a calm and certain knowing that our desires are already a part of our lives. By utilizing techniques such as visualization and affirmations, we can embody this feeling and manifest our desires more effectively. Recognizing that fulfillment is our truth, regardless of our current circumstances, empowers us to create the reality we desire. As we continue to explore the teachings of Neville Goddard and other spiritual leaders, we unlock the potential to live a life filled with abundance and fulfillment.

Love and light. Bye.

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