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Venus Moon

Charm Casting Divination Kits

Charm Casting Divination Kits

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Your doorway to intuitive divination! Each kit features 15 laser-cut charms, thoughtfully designed and cut in house.

In the Relationship Kit, you'll discover charms that symbolize things like growth, roadblocks, and communication - providing insights into the heart. The Creativity Kit includes charms for embodying inspiration, new directions, and reaching out to peers, igniting your artistic journey. The Self Care Kit works with themes of progress, self-sabotage, and personal magic, offering insights for mental-care and well-being. Rather than adhering to more rigid card meanings, charm casting encourages you to trust your instincts as you cast and interpret the charms based off of how to land together. Each kit also contains a mini zine to support you on your charm casting journey by exploring the meaning of each charm, showing different methods of casting, and empowering you to create your own unique narratives with confidence.

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