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Cleopatra - Jewel Candle: Ring / 7

Cleopatra - Jewel Candle: Ring / 7

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As one of our most beloved leaders in history, Cleopatra led her country with both strength and humanity. She leaned into the power of her beauty, and understood her femininity to be an asset during a time when men often had the upper hand. We pay homage to this legendary woman with this fierce collection fit for a queen.

Fragrance: Revered for her enduring strength and compassion, Cleopatra knew that she couldn’t tend to her people if she didn’t first tend to herself—which is why she made self-care such a priority. Conquer your daily stresses and celebrate the beauty of Egyptian culture with warm, spicy aromas inspired by integral ingredients used during Cleopatra’s rule: anise, Manuka honey, cinnamon spice, sweet wine, and patchouli.

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