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Luna Enamel Moon Pendant Necklace

Luna Enamel Moon Pendant Necklace

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Take your style to the celestial realm with our stunning moon pendant necklace! 18K gold-plated stainless steel gives the pendant an extra-luxe finish, while the bold design ensures you won't go unnoticed. Unleash your lunar side today!

The so called Luna, half moon, or sickle of the moon, also waning and waxing moon, is a sign of fertility, related to life and death, and thus a popular symbol in many religions. It pinpoints changing seasons, ebb and tide (and related inundations as harbingers of fertility), and the feminine menstrual cycle.

At a core level, the new moon brings an energy for setting intentions, initiating action, and connecting powerfully with your wildest dreams. 

Type: pendant necklace Material:stainless steel ,Enamel,18K gold plated Size of pendant : 15mm Length of chain : 440mm Process: Vacuum electroplating and manual polishing Surface : High Polish ★Made of high quality stainless steel,Lead-free ★Perfect jewelry gifts

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