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Mystery (Faux) Lucky Rabbit's 🐇 Foot Keychain

Mystery (Faux) Lucky Rabbit's 🐇 Foot Keychain

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Get ready to add some luck to your life with our Mystery (Faux) Lucky Rabbit's 🐇 Foot Keychain! This keychain features a faux rabbit foot, perfect for bringing good fortune wherever you go. With this fun and quirky keychain by your side, you'll always have a lucky charm on hand. (No actual rabbits were harmed in the making of this product! 🐰)

Blind Box (Faux) Rabbit's Foot Keychain. Comes in 6 possible colors: Tan, Green, Pink, Blue, Red, and Purple. Corresponding fortune included. You never know what color you’re gonna get! Fun right??! Makes a great gift. The box is letter-pressed in Florida. 

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