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Inner Sanctum

The Baddie Breakup Bundle 💅

The Baddie Breakup Bundle 💅

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Sometimes you are the villain in someone else's story... Boi, bye!

Introducing the Baddie Breakup Bundle! The ideal present for you or your friend who is now living their best life. Say goodbye to the past and hello to freedom with this quirky and fun gift. (Note: This gift is not just for baddies, anyone can enjoy!)

Chocolate: A hand-painted rendition of the jerk that ghosted you. We don't even remember their name. During the Summer months, the chocolate will be substituted for another product. Shipping for the chocolate will resume in the Fall.

Made of organic, fair trade dark chocolate and hand painted with edible mineral dust. A variety of ghost faces, each one unique. Box measures 3.5" square for scale

Villain Era Candle: Be the hero of your own story, even if it makes you the bad guy in someone else’s. Enter your VILLAIN ERA by putting yourself first, leaning into your power, and not owing anything to anybody unless they’ve earned it. 

Best enjoyed: embracing your dark side

Fragrance Notes:  Top - Cardamom, Ginger Middle - Amber, Cedar, Lavender, Clover Base - Sandalwood, Musk

Scent:  Alluring, naughty, warm

Surprise self-help book or other mysterious baddie things.

Stock will change depending on availability.

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